ShieldAg Products



ARRO® is Making Milo Harvest Fun Again!

Convert any late model Deere, CaseIH, New Holland, Gleaner-AGCO/Hugger or Claas corn head to efficiently harvest Sorghum or Sunflowers for about 1/3 to ½ the cost of an after- market row crop header.


ShieldAg V-Blades are manufactured in Hutchinson, KS and all development and testing work is done in Kansas, Colorado and Oklahoma. ShieldAg is the only manufacturer that continues to design, develop and manufacture V-Blades in the territory where they are used. All our territory managers are based in Hutchinson, KS and provide unsurpassed sales and service support. All V-blades are 100% built and inspected on factory certified Frogs to assure proper fitup and long wear-life.

Subsoilers & CRP

ShieldAg CRP-Conservation Ripper Points are designed in narrow, 7” and 10” winged versions for most modern disc rippers and subsoilers. Our wear surfaces are solid chrome carbide for long wear life and optimum performance. See our CRP Catalog and Chrome Carbide Catalog for a complete listing.

C34-SP Heavy-Duty Chisel Spike

ShieldAg’s C34-SP Heavy-Duty Chisel Spike reduces “sledding” on disc chisels and standard chisels with shank angles less than 50 degrees! It’s designed to flow soil above the mounting bolts so they do not wear out before the Chrome Carbide Point. Our C34-SP Chisel Spike self-sharpens as it wears, using a massive Chrome Carbide Point. It also has excellent initial penetration in a wide variety of soil conditions.

26” Sweeps

ShieldAg’s 26” sweeps ( “fallow-king”, “fallow-master”) have been an industry leader for over 20-years. ShieldAg continues to be the only manufacturer of 26” sweeps using 5/16” Boron Steel and Surfa-Shield® wear protection on the wings, nose AND stem, for maximum wear-life and smooth, weed free fields.

Chrome Carbide Danish Tines and Sweeps

ShieldAg offers a full line of newly-tooled chrome carbide 1-hole and 2-hole Danish points and four sizes of chrome carbide field cultivator sweeps!  All of these products are furnished with the correct mounting hardware and rubber shank cushions.

Milo Guards

Manufactured in Hutchinson, KS using high-strength domestic steels, automated welding equipment and powder-coat paint, for maximum durability on straight-cut auger or draper grain platforms.

Britten Crop Savers

Manufactured in Hutchinson, KS for use on straight-cut auger or draper grain platforms. Britten crop savers are designed to improve the feeding efficiency standard grain headers.

Planter Blades

ShieldAg distributes top-of-the-line OEM replacement planter blades and manufactures our own line of high-durability precision blades with high-strength cast steel machined housings. Our Acra-Plant notched retrofit planter blade line allows users to convert to no-till in the toughest residue conditions.

Drill Discs

ShieldAg manufactures a full line of grain drill opener blades for most makes and models. All blades are high-quality 3.5 or 4mm thick Boron steel, and our bearing caps are fully machined, not stamped steel, for long life and a true-running pair on your grain drill. Available in 13-1/2”, 14”, 15” and 18” for most box-style grain drills and air seeders.

Hoe Drill Points (Acra Plant)

ShieldAg manufactures replacement Hoe Drill Points for most USA-made hoe drills and air hoe seeders. With Acra-Plant, you can upgrade a hoe drill to improve seed-to-soil contact and improve performance in less-till conditions.

Strip Till Points

Patented systems to optimize performance of any knife-style strip till machine. Replaceable chrome carbide point choices to minimize down time and save money on total replacement costs. ShieldAg Strip Till products are designed to create a great berm without soil explosion or clodding, and the points shed sticky soils and create a soil profile perfect for incorporation of fertilizers.

Fertilizer Knives

ShieldAg manufactures a complete line of fertilizer knives for liquid, ammonia, dry and micronutrient products for about any machine type on the market.   With over 500 individual part numbers we will have a knife to improve your equipment performance.   We have a complete line of replacement-point knives to reduce downtime.

Freezeless Fertilizer Knives

ShieldAg manufactures a complete line of patented frostless fertilizer knives for NH3 systems in tough wet and frozen-ground conditions.   Available as a one-time-use (fully welded) knife or with pin-on replacement points to increase value and reduce down time.

Field Cultivator Sweeps

ShieldAg / Acra-Plant 100% chrome carbide Danish / Cultivator and Field Cultivator sweeps have all been re-tooled and improved for longer wear life, better fit and finish and we have expanded the line to include several new models and sizes.   Out-wear stamped steel “OK-Style” sweeps 4-5 Times!

Coulter & Specialty Blades

ShieldAg distributes a full-line of coulters and specialty blades for fertilizer coulters, NH3 sealers and tillage implements.  High-quality Boron Steel and computer-controlled processing assure long wear life and perfect fit on your machine.


ShieldAg V-shots are protected under US patent number 9,675,005 and licensed under US patent number 9,820,427.  Our V-shots offer precision seed placement AND starter fertilizer application below and beside the seed, all in one long-wearing tool!


ShieldAg offers a complete line of high-quality Made-in-USA portable belted grain conveyors.   High capacity and virtually zero grain damage in long-life conveyor belt designs, we can move your grain from the seed tender, truck, semi-trailer or grain tank with millions of bushels of trouble-free operation in capacities from 5,000 to 10,000 bushels per hour and discharge heights from 4’ to 46’


ShieldAg Pry-Bars are manufactured in the USA, from fine-grained, double-rolled 5160 chromium-manganese steel that’s heated and tempered for 150,000 psi strength, durability and toughness that can’t be matched.

Our HEAVY-DUTY Pry-Bars are the hottest thing going for farm equipment dealer-ships & small fab shops. Take advantage of this hot selling pair of pry-bars today.


  • Made in the USA

  • Furnished with Nuts and Lock-washers

  • Zinc plated for corrosion resistance

  • ASME Grade 5 for strength and toughness, without being brittle

  • Pull-tested to meet ASME and ASAE specifications

  • Large inventory of most common sizes