Milo Guards



Milo Guards are a patented breakthrough in the harvesting world.

Not only do they make your harvest more bountiful, they are customizable to deal with each unique harvesting situation.

Milo Guards can pay for themselves in just 40 acres of cutting.

Milo Guards have been in continuous business for over 40 years. We continue to develop new designs to optimize the performance of combine headers up through the latest ultra-wide platforms.

Milo Guards are a very versatile product. Not only can you change them to meet your individual needs pertaining to moisture and crop condition, but they can also be used to benefit harvesting of crops such as Sunflowers and Milo.


Depend on Milo Guards to:

  • Prevent Fall Away Heads

  • Stop Drop Through Losses

  • Catch Thrown Out Heads

  • Improve Reel Action

  • Reduce Shatter Losses

  • Improve Stock Transfer

Effective in:

  • Milo

  • Dwarf Sunflower

  • & More!

Measure Your Savings in:

  • Grain

  • Hours

  • Equipment Performance